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Critical Thinking Skills

Hi everyone,   Here is another article about Critical Thinking, this one focuses on different skills that are needed for this process. It also has a great definiton of Crtical Thinking: "A way of thinking about particular things at a... Continue Reading →

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VR and Education

It seems like Virtual Reality is taking off right now but the concept has been around for a long time. VR is the next big thing in video games but how can it be used for other purposes? Could it... Continue Reading →


Hey Everyone,   Gamification is a hotly debated subject in the educational world, especially when it comes to computer usage in children (and adults). I personally think it can be useful, and it does necessarily have to be used in... Continue Reading →

Skills for Effective Facilitation

Hey Everyone, I was reading about effective facilitation skills for a recent forum and I came across this article: I find it fun to read because who doesn't like a good GIF, but it also has some great points! Some... Continue Reading →

Importance of Critical Thinking in Science

Check out this really cool article form the website Futurism. It talks about deciphering the facts from scientific papers, especially the journalist who write about them.

Roles and Trends for WIL in the Technology Industry

This blog discusses the roles and trends of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the technology sector and also touches on my experiences with web conferencing with a partner for this blog. Roles An adult educator today has more roles than... Continue Reading →

Journal 1: Reflecting on the importance of soft skills to complement knowledge and understanding in the classroom and the workplace

In this reflective journal, I will be discussing the following quote from Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice (2014): “21st Century competencies include deep understanding, flexibility and the capacity to make creative connections and a range of so-called ‘soft skills’... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning – PIDP 3100

Creating a Positive Learning Environment I chose this article because I believe a positive learning environment stems from creating an ideal course for the audience. This article describes tips for teaching adult students that will lead to a positive learning... Continue Reading →

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