1. Creating a Positive Learning Environment

    I chose this article because I believe a positive learning environment stems from creating an ideal course for the audience. This article describes tips for teaching adult students that will lead to a positive learning experience. For me, I need to be wary of the technology gap, and gear my sessions towards the student’s technological know-how. The biggest take away from this article is to treat adults like they adults they are and go at a tempo that will promote learning and not bore nor overwhelm the student.

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  2. Motivational Techniques 

    This is a simple list of strategies to motivate adult learners, which is both important to me now as I write this as a student and as I think about my own lesson plans as an educator. I chose this article in particular because of the third list item, which is about building a community and using social media. This is something that I have done in the past and I find it particularly useful for discussions between students and educators, which can lead to further exploration of the topic and a better understanding.

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  3. Assessment 

    This video describes a form of assessment called RSQC2 (Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect, and Comment), which can be used after a session and touches on multiple levels of Blooms Taxonomy. Basically, the student will recall important points in a summary sentence, then they will question anything they are unsure about. Next, students will connect the summary to overall goals of the course and make any comments about what they learned. I will use this at the beginning of concurrent sessions to ensure that all the important points have been noted and understood.

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  4. Media 

    I chose this blog about insights into social trends in learning from 2014 because I feel like they are still relevant today. The “human touch” is still something that is missing from a lot of online environments and although it is trending up there is still a lot that can be done to improve the processes. I have had success in this course with the use of Skype and Facebook for learning purposes. I plan on applying this type of media in my sessions specifically to continue the conversation after class is over. Social media can be used as discussion board to exchange ideas, network and host course materials.

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  5. Planning 

    This article is an excellent resource for lesson planning because it goes over the ABCD’s of creating learning objectives that are instrumental in creating an effective lesson plan. This article also describes the WIPPEA Model for lesson planning which is effective for courses that will require more than one session and that will require an understanding of individual components that make up the full course. For me, the ABCDs will be implemented immediately so that I can be sure to start my lessons plans effectively and ensure that they are clear and concise overall.

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